Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dry and Itchy Skin on Legs With Kidney Disease

Several days before a kidney disease patient emailed me and said her skin on legs becomes very dry and itchy these days which not only affects her physical beauty, but also affect her sleep quality seriously, as she has to scratch herself frequently at night. Skin problem is a common and a major complain among kidney disease patients, especially these whose illness condition has developed to a certain stage. Though it is common, many kidney disease patients do not know much about it. Today, we will give an overview about this bothersome symptom.
How does kidney disease cause dry and itchy skin?
Kidney is an important organ with bean structure and multiple functions. It helps to maintain electrolyte levels, blood pressure, produce urine and filter waste from the blood. When kidney function declines because of chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, these function can not be performed well, leading to changes in the skin and other parts of the body.
Generally speaking, kidney disease causes dry and itchy skin on legs or other parts due to disturbance of electrolyte, histamine release and dialysis. Skin problem caused by kidney disease causes itching, discomforts and sometimes flaking. Also, with the progression of illness condition, these symptoms will become more and more severe.
Solution for dry and itchy skin in kidney disease
1.Those with dry or itchy skin caused by kidney disease should avoid hot baths and use hypoallergenic soap. After a bath, drying the whole body with a clean bath towel is necessary and also use some moisturizers.
2. Try to keep electrolyte balance, which may need patients to adjust their diet. Kidney disease patients suffer from high sodium level, high potassium level and high phosphorus level easily because of impaired kidney function. Therefore, they may need to avoid vegetables and fruits high in potassium, sodium and phosphorus.
3. Antipruritic drugs or antipruritic fluids may be needed when the symptom becomes unbearable.
4. Keep illness condition under control: since kidney disease is the root cause of dry and itchy skin, treatment.

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